Problem Based Learning

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Problem Based Learning

(For Professional Discussion within schools working with Hooked on Thinking on PBL)

PBL and SOLO Taxonomy

Problem based Learning SOLO.gif

PBL Process:

Authenticating the Learning> Awakening Prior Knowledge> Constructing Relevant Questions> Plan the Research> Discover Relevant Information> Construct Knowledge> New Insights and Understandings> Self and Peer Evaluation

PBL Self Assessment Rubric:

File:HOT Problem Based Learning Rubric BLANK.pdf

Hooked on Thinking
Problem Based Learning Self Assessment Rubric

(coded against SOLO Taxonomy)

Constructing Relevant Questions

e.g. Formulating focus question/s - open, undermining, rich, charged, connected, practical
Plan the Research

e.g GANTT Chart for process/ Locating resources for content
Discover Relevant Information

e.g. Identifying and retrieving information
Knowledge 1

e.g. Analysing information and data: Breaking information into its constituent parts and finding out how the parts relate to one another and to an overall idea
Constructing Knowledge 2

e.g. Conclusion and evaluation of new knowledge
New Insights and Understandings: process and content

e.g. Presentation: Create a presentation that puts all elements together to form a functional whole. Self assessment: Rubric for process and content
Prestructural Learning Outcome

SOLO Unistructural/ Multistructural Learning Outcome

SOLO RelationalLearning Outcome

Extended Abstract Learning Outcome

Artichoke Blog:

Problem Based Learning: How can students learn in school that life is a reality to be experienced?

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