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"A Thinking Curriculum"

Pam Hook
Curriculum Matters 2: 2006 pp 81-104

“Last time I only failed by the narrowest of narrow margins.” “You what? You walked in there, wrote, ‘I am a fish,’ four hundred times, did a funny little dance, and fainted.” Rimmer and Lister in Red Dwarf

Abstract This article explores how schools might develop a curriculum and pedagogy for the understanding of thinking, rather than the knowing of thinking. It suggests viewing the understanding of thinking processes through Bereiter and Scardamalia’s interpretation of educational process in Popper’s three-world schema. Such an interpretation leads schools to the development of a more purposive thinking schema, allowing approaches to the curriculum “key competency” called thinking to be aligned to a pedagogy based upon a structured overview of student learning outcomes, and appropriate interventions and assessment practices.

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