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Essence Statements

What would an an essence statement of the essence statements look like?



In English, students study, use, and enjoylanguage and literature communicated orally,visually, or in writing.

The Arts:

In the arts, students explore, refine, and communicate ideas as they connect thinking,imagination, senses, and feelings to create
works and respond to the works of others.

Health and Physical Education:

In health and physical education, students learn about their own well-being, and that of others and society, in health-related and movement contexts.

Mathematics and Statistics:

In mathematics and statistics, students explore relationships in quantities, space, and data and learn to express these relationships in ways that
help them to make sense of the world around them.

Social Sciences:

In the social sciences, students explore howsocieties work and how they themselves can participate and take action as critical, informed,
and responsible citizens.


In science, students explore how both the natural physical world and science itself work so thatthey can participate as critical, informed, and
responsible citizens in a society in which science plays a significant role.


In technology, students learn to be innovative developers of products and systems and discerning consumers who will make a difference in the world.

Learning Languages:

In learning languages, students learn to communicate in an additional language, develop their capacity to learn further languages,
and explore different world views in relation to their own.

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