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HookED Discuss (Describe ++) Map

HookED SOLO Describe++ Map.png

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HookED Describe PlusPlus Sticker Strips Navy

HookED Describe PlusPlus Sticker Strips 3Colour

The map scaffolds for surface (multistructural), deep (relational) and conceptual (extended abstract) learning outcomes as well as providing prompts for structure - simple sentences in the identify step;complex sentences in the explain step, where connective prompts because and so that are provided; and paragraphing through the wonder reflection step.

The HookED Discuss (Describe++) Map is available in radiating and linear versions.

(1) Radiating version HookED DescribePP Map SeeThinkWonder 450X318.png

(2) Linear version HookED DescribePP MapStripVersion 450x318.png

For Early Years students and students in literacy support it is sometimes necessary to break the map into smaller sections or strips for use with students -

Either as single literacy strips for students draft ideas (What can you see? rectangle, Why do you think it is like that? speech bubble and How effective was that? What was the purpose? What are the implications? or What does it make you wonder? thought bubble) are used as literacy prompts

Refer Refer HookED SOLO Literacy Stickers

HookED DescribePP Stickers 3colour strip content.png

HookED Describe Strip V2 540X318.png

Alternatively the centre rectangles are cut out and completed by themselves and then dropped into the larger template at a later time.

The map can be used to support student question making during student inquiry or scientific/statistical research. When combined with the HookED SOLO Five - five powerful questions for reflection - it helps students draft questions and answers for deep understanding.

The examples below show how the map is being used in NZ primary and secondary schools.

The HookED Discuss (Describe Plus Plus) Map is also referred to as: HookED Exploded Describe Map; HookED AME Map (Achievement, Merit, Excellence); HookED Describe Explain Evaluate Map; HookED Observation, Inference and Research Question Map; HookED Ideas Relate Extend Map; HookED See Think Wonder Map; HookED See Think Challenge Map; HookED Describe++ Science Phenomena Map. Aka The one map to rule them all.

Examples of how it can be used with students

DescribePlusPlus DSCN4303 resized.jpg

Image from Hook, P. and Cassé, B. (2013). SOLO Taxonomy in the Early Years. Making connections for belonging, being and becoming. Essential Resources Educational Publishers Limited. New Zealand.

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus SeeThinkWonder.pdf

File:HookED DescribePlusPlus SOLOmap.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus DramaVoiceTechniques.pdf

File:HookED DescribePlusPlus DramaBodyPosition SOLOMap.pdf

File:HookED DescribePlusPlus DramaBodyMovement SOLOMap.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus EconomicsUnemploymentconcepts AS2.4.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus EnglishFormPersonalResponseText AS90854.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus EnglishMakingMeaning.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus EnglishUnfamiliarTexts AS90851.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus EnglishVisualText AS91107.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus GeographicalEnvironmenstNaturalEvents AS91007.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus HomeEconomics AS90956.pdf

File:HookED DescribePlusPlus Latin AnalysestudiedLatinLiteraryTexts AS91508 SOLOMap.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus MathsGraphtableequation.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus MusicalElements.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus PEUseofSelfManagementStrategies AS90970.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus PEDemonstrateInterpersonalSkills AS90936.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus PhysicsPrinciplesUsedInApplication AS90936.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMapDescribePlusPlus DescribeKeyBeliefsReligiousTradition AS90819 Islam.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus SciencePhenomena.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus TechnologyDesignPrinciplesMultiliteracies AS91073.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus FabricTechnologyMaterialsUsed.pdf

File:HookEDSOLOMap DescribePlusPlus VisualArtUseVisualTechniquesEffects AS90229.pdf

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