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This wiki page describes how SOLO Taxonomy can be adapted for use with students and teachers to improve the effectiveness of “feed forward” (what should I do next?). Other pages will explore "feedback" (Where am I going?) and “feed up” (where am I going?).



Feed Up Feed Back Feed Forward
Where am I going? How am I going? Where to next?
Be explicit about the learning task and success criteria. Set appropriate, challenging and specific goals,Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO),Learning Intentions (LI). Self assess progress against the success criteria. Set next learning steps.

We are learning to ... (WALT), I am learning to ... (IALT)

I will know I am successful when ..., My learning outcome is ... because ...

My next step is to ....

Effort and effective strategies.

Effort and effective strategies.

Effort and effective strategies.

HookED SOLO Five

HookED SOLO5 rs.jpg

The HookED SOLO Five, a powerful SOLO questioning sequence, is used by students reflecting on their next steps - or as a prompt for their own research questions.

It is supported by the HookED SOLO Describe++ Map and self – assessment rubric.

1. What is one important idea that you learned from this? [Define: Unistructural Question]

2. What was the idea about? [Elaborate/Describe: Multistructural Question]

3. Why do you think this idea is important? [Explain: Relational Question]

4. How does this idea apply to your life? (To what extent is this idea relevant to the social, political, cultural, ethical or spiritual issues we currently face?) [Apply: Relational Question/Extended Abstract Question]

5. What does this idea make you wonder? (What do you know that you still don’t know about this idea? What questions do you still want to ask?) [Wonder: Extended Abstract Question]

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