Many resources are available here (and on the HookED wiki) to help you introduce SOLO Taxonomy as a model of learning with students, teachers, parents, whānau and community.

Look for SOLO posters and templates, SOLO coded self-assessment rubrics for the key competencies, (e) competencies, IEPs, teacher reflection and the effective pedagogies, SOLO symbols, and SOLO differentiated planning templates and constructive alignment tools for the NZ Curriculum achievement objectives and achievement standards.

HookED SOLO resources – posters, templates, planning and publications include
Downloadable Resources
SOLO Publications on Issuu
SOLO Curriculum Planning Online

HookED SOLO apps include
SOLO Symbol Generator
SOLO Learning Intention Generator
SOLO Self Assessment Tool
SOLO Functioning Knowledge Rubric Generator

You can use the contact form to request new resources.

Check back often to see what has been added.