Take away the descriptors

by Pam Hook on October 20, 2014

in SOLO Taxonomy

FourMaps_final We are reckless jargon users in education. Just ask anyone coming out of your local supermarket what they think “effective pedagogies” or “student agency” means.

Jargon is used to: exclude; disguise; imply expertise; and to market product.  No one benefits when words are used to divide and confuse.

Nine notable offenders have agreed to have a go at stripping the jargon from the following educational terms (see below). They will seek the simple message within and then express it in a 1000 word blog post. The blog posts form part of a collaborative book project initiated by Sonya van Schaijik. for Connected Educators Month -#CENZ14.

My contribution is the cover art – MAPPING LEARNING. I used pencil and paper. Click the image above to enlarge.

The irony of the endeavour is not lost on me – take a popular educational expression (captured in 2 words and possibly a hyphen) and simplify it by writing 1000 words about it – These 1000 words when published online may well provoke an outpouring of even more words.

People and their 1000 Words
Dr Wendy Kofoed – 21st Century Learning 1000 Words
Annemarie Hyde – Modern Learning Environments 1000 Words
Monika Kern – Cyber/Digital Citizenship 1000 Words
Richard Wells – Digital Learning Tools 1000 Words
Philippa Nicoll Antipas – Future Focused Pedagogy 1000 Words
Craig Kemp- Digital Collaboration 1000 Words
Sonya Van Schaijik- Connected Educators/Learners 1000 Words
Karen Melhuish Spencer – Digital Communities 1000 Words

Conclusion Tahu Paki – Whanaungatanga
Cover Design Pam Hook The Picture

Note to self: There is no suggestion of any interpretive dance with chickens at dawn, photographs of tummy button lint, or music created from fish scales, from this lot of “connected educators” – the medium – it seems – is the message).

This post is part of a #edbookNZ project organised by Sonya Van Schaijik and being co-authored by a great set of New Zealand based educators for Connected Educator Month.

The #CENZ14 event will be held on Friday 31st October 8.00pm-9.00pm (UT + 12 hrs) Click here for details

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