HookED SOLO apps

Question Generator iPad APP

Question Generator
– Teachers and students can use the Question Generator app to learn how to ask the questions that matter most. Using SOLO Taxonomy as a framework, this app generates questions to bring in ideas (to build surface understanding); questions to connect ideas (to develop deep understanding) and questions to extend ideas (to create conceptual understanding). Use the SOLO coded question banks within the app or create your own, either way you will learn how to ask great questions – relevant, appropriate and substantial questions.

SOLO Hexagons iPad APP

SOLO Hexagons
– SOLO Hexagons is a strategy for enhancing higher order thinking and systems thinking. Generate content (ideas and images) on the hexagons. Make links between the hexagons, annotating any links with reasons. Extend your thinking by making generalisations about the BIG IDEA in the clusters of hexagons.Challenging others to extend their thinking is easy and fun! Simply share your hexagons, and challenge others to make connections and extend your ideas. Invite others to generate hexagons for you to connect and extend. Use SOLO hexagons as a strategy to determine prior knowledge, scaffold student writing, conduct formative assessment, revise and or extend student thinking. Based on work of AM Hodgson. (1992). Hexagons for systems thinking.European Journal of Systems Dynamics 59 (1): 220-30.)


SOLO Symbol Generator
– Creating SOLO Symbols in any colour.


SOLO Learning Intention Generator
– Learning Intentions (SOLO Differentiated) – using Constructive Alignment

SOLO Self Assessment Tool
– Visual Success Criteria (SOLO Differentiated) for Declarative Verbs – SOLO Maps and self assessment rubrics

SOLO Functioning Knowledge Rubric Generator
– Success Criteria (SOLO Differentiated) – Functioning Knowledge Outcomes – Knowing how to –
English, Français, Japanese and Te Reo Māori versions

SOLO Declarative Knowledge Rubric Generator
– Success Criteria (SOLO Differentiated) – Declarative Knowledge Outcomes – Knowing about –
English, Français, Japanese and Te Reo Māori versions

SOLO Hexagon Generator
– Generating SOLO Hexagon Templates

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