Travel involves a lot of alone time – a lot of waiting in public spaces time – with opportunities to observe and new provocation for thinking. Reflecting on the different places visited makes me realise that I prefer to gaze uninterrupted – on this most recent trip – I did not use a camera – relying instead on memory for the Danish post glacial melt water landscapes, open forests, Viking longboats, bicycling commuters, architecture, castles, farms, fishing villages and rampart and ditch fortifications. 

Apart from a few passport stamps I have no evidence of ever leaving the house.

Luckily I work with others who are more alert to the opportunity for digital capture – collecting travel memories in multiple modalities and sharing them across different social media platforms.

The start of 2017 has been stuffed with travel – working with twenty five plus schools from all over the North and South Island in New Zealand, a week working with with the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Cluster Schools in Melbourne, another week with Curriculum development unit writers, Lecturers at the Teachers Training College and Professional Development Officers in Tonga – and to tie up Term 1 – I have just returned from a week working with teachers in the Gladsaxe Kommune in Copenhagen Denmark.


It is great to finish 2016 with a fab review.

This one is for the Danish translation of “First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy.  Applying the model in your classroom.” Published by Dafolo.

The review in Danish is featured in Læsepædagogen nr. 5/2016. 

After describing the content the reviewer states:

“I truly believe that many students could benefit from visualizing their learning and learning strategies through SOLO, especially students with reading difficulties.”  


Pam Hook: SOLO-taksonomien i praksis.
Oversat af Simon Hastrup. Serie: Undervisning
og læring i praksis. Illustreret.
126 sider. Kr. 250,- ekskl. moms. Dafolo,


SOLO Hand Signs

September 21, 2016

SOLO Taxonomy hand signs are a powerfully simple way to watch thinking in action. These spontaneous gestures of thought are a learning strategy that helps students and teachers make sense of learning. In using gesture to represent increasing levels of cognitive complexity – surface to deep to conceptual (transfer) outcomes – SOLO hand signs have […]

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Horses for courses

September 2, 2016

Embed from Getty Images Just as there are “different horses for different courses” so there are different learning strategies for different stages of the learning process A recent article by John Hattie and Gregory Donoghue (2016) uses meta-analyses, effect sizes and a more nuanced model of surface and deep understanding to look at learning strategies […]

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Essence of wet dog thinking

August 27, 2016

Embed from Getty Images “Less is more” thinking lies at the heart of a SOLO rubric. When we make the SOLO Taxonomy level of learning outcomes visible using text-based success criteria – SOLO differentiated rubrics – we show students that learning outcomes are malleable not fixed. They focus on the strategies that might help shift […]

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5 Strategies for Deep Learning

August 21, 2016

Using SOLO Taxonomy as a model for surface and deep learning learning is a sandbox pedagogy. Embed from Getty Images Using SOLO helps create learning environments that are option rich – collaborative, adaptable and much like a sandbox – always open to the introduction of new possibilities and opportunities for deep learning. The following slides […]

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Thinking about knowledge

August 20, 2016

Knowledge and what we miss when we limit our focus to a discussion about parts of speech – “verbification” and all that.

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HookED SOLO Map Animations

July 24, 2016

New SOLO resources on YouTube The HookED SOLO Map Animations are instructional (how to) video for the SOLO Maps. The first SOLO Maps to be animated: Define, Describe, Sequence, Classify, Compare and Contrast, Generalise, and Predict Each animation is designed by the ever fabulous Nick Denton. And yes I will be uploading more SOLO Map […]

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Sketching the New Zealand Curriculum

July 20, 2016

Embed from Getty Images Planning for successful learning is not unlike planning successful plays for team sports. I have a new creative project this year – I am sketching the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). One achievement objective at a time. Sketching ideas for learning, showing how they can be connected and extended is fun. It […]

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The Olympics and SOLO Taxonomy

July 17, 2016

Embed from Getty Images A question from Pete in New Zealand Hi Pam, Pete here from XXXX School. We are making a start on our plan for next term. We want to look at “success” as a concept and the challenges and opportunities in becoming successful… linking this to the Olympics and integrating the role […]

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