There is magic in graphs

June 23, 2021

“There is a magic in graphs. The profile of a curve reveals in a flash a whole situation — the life history of an epidemic, a panic, or an era of prosperity. The curve informs the mind, awakens the imagination, convinces.” – Henry D. Hubbard Seeing the “magic” in a graph is like the, “THEN […]

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HookED Reverse SOLO Hexagons

March 30, 2015

Two weeks ago I failed to get to a NZTA Secondary Teachers Reference Group Meeting in Wellington. I was running a workshop on citizenship and road safety education.  After an over early start to catch the flight I spent the morning flying part way down the island before being turned back by fog at Wellington […]

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Unboxing SOLO Taxonomy in Mathematics

November 4, 2014

As anyone who reads Artichoke will attest – unboxing PIG was exciting – and I am happy to report that he has quickly settled into life in the corridor and is keeping a steadfast and focused snout on my desk from his perch on top of Quoll (Tasmanian). Unboxing PIG proved a useful dry run […]

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