The Olympics and SOLO Taxonomy

July 17, 2016

Embed from Getty Images A question from Pete in New Zealand Hi Pam, Pete here from XXXX School. We are making a start on our plan for next term. We want to look at “success” as a concept and the challenges and opportunities in becoming successful… linking this to the Olympics and integrating the role […]

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School Values and SOLO Taxonomy

July 16, 2016

Embed from Getty Images A question from Siobhan in New Zealand We met when you came to [xxxxxx College] last term. In between one of the slots with the teachers, I was asking you about ways to link SOLO to our school values. You said you may have some ideas that you could share with […]

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Interpretation and SOLO Taxonomy

July 14, 2016

Embed from Getty Images A question from Tobias in Denmark. How do you teach more complex matters, like “interpretation”? (The rubric for “interpretation” is, in some parts of the teachers’ community here in Gladsaxe, the “Holy Grail”) – Tobias – Educational Consultant Denmark An answer. Interpretation is “making meaning” I teach it by referring to […]

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SOLO Mapping the Science Capabilities

July 6, 2016

The New Zealand Curriculum Essence statement for science has a brusque confidence and certainty about it. The words know “how”, they know “when” and they know “why”. You can almost feel the words crossing arms with each other, locking hands in front and preparing to move across the river in a series of deliberate steps […]

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Remedies for Critical Thinking

July 1, 2016

RE: Remedies for Brain Workers wishing to avoid Brain Fag I have always enjoyed Michael Scriven’s take on critical thinking. In my opinion it is a reliable and valid remedy for Brain Workers wishing to avoid Brain Fag Critical thinking is skilled and active interpretation and evaluation of observations and communications, information and argumentation as […]

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From surface learning to deep learning in Denmark

June 4, 2016

Google Translate helps me make sense of the Danish text on my next conference flyer. Fra overfladelæring til dybdlæring med SOLO-taksonomien : From surface learning to deep learning with SOLO Taxonomy However, it is the cover art for the Dafolo flyer that captures my attention. I have never featured with an iceberg before. I have […]

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Great review for First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy

June 2, 2016

The Danish Library Center (DBC) has written a review of my “First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy” book – and it’s really good! ”Bogen har relevans for alle undervisere samt kommende undervisere. […] Det er en både interessant, inspirerende og spændende udgivelse med mange gode værktøjer til underviseres pædagogiske værktøjskasse. Der er et stort fokus på […]

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SOLO Taxonomy Book Launch

March 27, 2016

Embed from Getty Images Sonya van Schaijik and I were pretty excited when Newmarket Primary School offered to launch our Essential Resources SOLO title – SOLO Taxonomy and English Language Learners. Making second language learning visible. The book is important to both of us – the blurb on the website describes it well – making […]

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A Forward Foreword

January 7, 2016

John Hattie has written an awesome foreword for my first publication in 2016. I am starting 2016 with the launch of “SOLO-taksonomien i praksis” published by Dafolo, so John’s fabulous foreword is taking the classroom based use of SOLO Taxonomy forward into the new year. An English version of the foreword will be added to […]

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SOLO Taxonomy in Learning Support

October 3, 2015

“SOLO helps us think out of school. It helps us think differently for later life.” Student in Year 9 Learning Support Class at Lincoln High School SOLO Taxonomy as a simple and powerful model of learning that keeps the focus firmly on the learning outcome and next steps for learning. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) […]

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