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New Zealand teachers and students talk about their experiences using classroom based approaches to SOLO Taxonomy. [Primary, intermediate and secondary schools]
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From good to great – transforming road safety education for the 21st century: Pam Hook, Director of HookED, Education and Curriculum Consultant. This workshop was hosted by the NZ Transport Agency in Wellington on 6 October 2012. The workshop was well attended by policy makers, road safety co-ordinators and teachers from New Zealand and Australia. Pam outlines the five levels of SOLO Taxonomy, which provides educators with a simple and powerful model of learning outcomes. SOLO Taxonomy is used by many primary, intermediate and secondary students as a self-assessment tool. SOLO may be used in evaluations of road safety education to gather quality data about outcomes. It is used to plan for deep learning outcomes in curriculum resources, such as those released by the NZTA.

Pam Hook gives a brief description of SOLO Taxonomy after a seminar at Essential Resources.Published on 28 May 2012

Thinking at Lincoln High School (The New Zealand Curriculum Online) – This New Zealand Curriculum Online Key Competencies snapshot describes how teachers at Lincoln High School use SOLO Taxonomy as a model of learning across all learning areas.

Concept Curriculum at Halsey Drive School (New Zealand Curriculum Online)
Halsey Drive School uses a concept based curriculum using a process of learning (inquiry) and a language of learning (SOLO). There are four videos in this series on the NZ Curriculum Online Site.
1. An introduction to the concept curriculum, the big picture
2. Teaching and learning at Halsey Drive School
3. Using the part-whole analysis map in the junior classroom
4. Using part-whole analysis map in the senior classroom