Metaphors for SOLO Taxonomy

April 13, 2015

… or SOLO Taxonomy, the chance of snake charmers and the hue gourd. Growing or growth is a common metaphorical representation for ako – learning . However when thinking about a suitable metaphor for SOLO Taxonomy, growth metaphors (bigger or more numerous) do not work. The sticking point is always in the jump from multistructural […]

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Essential Resources SOLO Flyer

November 2, 2013

Just reflecting on the response to the SOLO Flyer tweet below. DM messages have been pinging in from across the world. I started building an active community to support classroom based approaches to SOLO Taxonomy in New Zealand over ten years ago – spreading it to other places has been made a lot easier through […]

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Knowledge Producing Schools

September 18, 2012

Primary students among first consulted on #NZTA bridge replacement project in Auckland. Knowledge producing schools education.nzta.govt.nz/stories/auckla… — Pam Hook (@arti_choke) September 18, 2012 NZTA Project Manager Sarah Cronwright and HookED consultant Pam Hook designed and conducted the student workshops as part of the wider community consultation for the Old Mangere Bridge Project. This consultation process […]

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