A Partridge in a Pear Tree Year

October 5, 2017

Embed from Getty Images Perching in the HookED 2017 Pear Tree 2017 is proving to be a great year for progress in the classroom based use of SOLO Taxonomy. Work has taken me to schools across New Zealand and Australia, and to Denmark and Tonga. My efforts to create meaning with others has resulted in […]

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How to use SOLO Maps

October 2, 2017

I am doubly chuffed to report that the ever fabulous architect and designer Nick Denton has finished the last seven SOLO maps in the “How to … series” – of HookED SOLO Map animations. You can view the 14 SOLO Map animations playlist on my YouTube Channel . This body of work matters – is […]

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Common discourse markers and SOLO Taxonomy

August 16, 2017

SOLO Text Highlighting is a simple and effective strategy to strengthen student self-assessment. Using SOLO coded discourse markers helps students build fluency when assessing the SOLO level of their learning outcome – and for that matter – next steps – how to strengthen their next piece of text. For more on SOLO text highlighting strategy […]

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HookED SOLO Map Animations

July 24, 2016

New SOLO resources on YouTube The HookED SOLO Map Animations are instructional (how to) video for the SOLO Maps. The first SOLO Maps to be animated: Define, Describe, Sequence, Classify, Compare and Contrast, Generalise, and Predict Each animation is designed by the ever fabulous Nick Denton. And yes I will be uploading more SOLO Map […]

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Make your own SOLO maps

August 4, 2015

Waimairi School in Christchurch is a hot bed of SOLO innovative practice. The clear focus on relationships and being culturally responsive, teacher effectiveness and student metacognition enables Waimairi staff to use SOLO in extended abstract ways – each visit trumps the previous for making deep learning and higher order thinking visible. Many of my client […]

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Enjoy a sneak preview of the SOLO Taxonomy Posters in Japanese

May 1, 2015

The ever fabulous designer Nick Denton has just sent through the proofs for the Japanese versions of the SOLO Taxonomy Posters. Translations by Rachel Austen HOD Languages at Lincoln High School, Canterbury, New Zealand. The HookED SOLO Hand sign and verb posters are themed so as to be visually stunning – individually and collectively. I […]

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SOLO Taxonomy: Thoughts on how to implement

February 8, 2015

“There should be one … and preferably only one obvious way to do it” versus “There is always more than one way to do it”. Over the past 12 years I have seen many different approaches to implementing SOLO as a common language of learning across a school. Much like teaching and learning the same […]

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SOLO Posters in French

July 24, 2014

I am excited to announce that designer Nick Denton has just finished the French language versions of the HookED SOLO Posters series. I suspect you will love the effect created with the handwritten text as much as I do. These exuberant designs complement the English and Te Reo Māori posters. Click on the thumbnail to […]

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SOLO Fortune Teller

July 19, 2014

Stepping into the Twitter stream is not unlike Ruby’s experience of watching a garage sale. There is a lot of sifting, shoving and shushing going on, along with the opportunity to see tweets being tossed and turned in people’s minds and then laid back down again. The following Tweet from @MsHMFL got tossed and turned […]

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SOLO Posters in Te Reo Māori

December 9, 2013

I am loving the Twitter feedback on the stunning Te Reo Māori SOLO Posters launched today. Designer Nick Denton has taken the translations by Dr Ngaere Roberts and Matthew Fraser and created two sets of SOLO posters in Te Reo Māori. Nick used a reverse print of the original SOLO posters. The Te Reo posters […]

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