John Hattie

Update on Danish version of First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy

December 17, 2016

It is great to finish 2016 with a fab review. This one is for the Danish translation of “First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy.  Applying the model in your classroom.” Published by Dafolo. The review in Danish is featured in Læsepædagogen nr. 5/2016.  After describing the content the reviewer states: “I truly believe that many students […]

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Horses for courses

September 2, 2016

Embed from Getty Images Just as there are “different horses for different courses” so there are different learning strategies for different stages of the learning process A recent article by John Hattie and Gregory Donoghue (2016) uses meta-analyses, effect sizes and a more nuanced model of surface and deep understanding to look at learning strategies […]

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Great review for First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy

June 2, 2016

The Danish Library Center (DBC) has written a review of my “First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy” book – and it’s really good! ”Bogen har relevans for alle undervisere samt kommende undervisere. […] Det er en både interessant, inspirerende og spændende udgivelse med mange gode værktøjer til underviseres pædagogiske værktøjskasse. Der er et stort fokus på […]

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