Early Years

Learning how to put my face in the water

May 19, 2018

Or Chapter 4. “How do you design rubrics to accompany the authentic assessment?” Pam Hook There can be no more authentic task for a five year old than putting your face in the water when learning to swim. The indispensable conditions for improvement are that the student comes to hold a concept of quality roughly […]

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Make your own SOLO maps

August 4, 2015

Waimairi School in Christchurch is a hot bed of SOLO innovative practice. The clear focus on relationships and being culturally responsive, teacher effectiveness and student metacognition enables Waimairi staff to use SOLO in extended abstract ways – each visit trumps the previous for making deep learning and higher order thinking visible. Many of my client […]

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HookED SOLO Literacy Stickers

August 3, 2014

This post acknowledges two ever fabulous teachers – Lynley Cummack and Rachel Saxton – and the work they do with primary and secondary students using classroom based approach to SOLO Taxonomy in New Zealand. When I worked with Lynley Cummack (Team Leader for Hurunui Team at Waimairi School) last month, she set me up for […]

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SOLO Taxonomy in the Early Years. Making connections for belonging, being, and becoming.

February 8, 2013

“It helps us to learn. It helps you to think and do a few things that you want to do. Because it helps you connect ideas and learn to think in your head.” Year 1 student, Halsey Drive School, New Zealand. Is fabulous to see the latest SOLO book – SOLO Taxonomy in the Early […]

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