From surface learning to deep learning in Denmark

June 4, 2016

Google Translate helps me make sense of the Danish text on my next conference flyer. Fra overfladelæring til dybdlæring med SOLO-taksonomien : From surface learning to deep learning with SOLO Taxonomy However, it is the cover art for the Dafolo flyer that captures my attention. I have never featured with an iceberg before. I have […]

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ULearn15: Re-imagining teaching

September 24, 2015

View image | ULearn15 Abstract: Re-imagining teaching with a narrative that privileges effort, learning and high expectations. “I can’t help but dream about a kind of criticism that would not try to judge, but bring an oeuvre, a book, a sentence, an idea to life; it would light fires, watch the grass grow, listen […]

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SOLO Taxonomy @edchatNZ

August 10, 2014

New Zealand educators tweet about #SOLOTaxonomy.
@edchatNZ Conference August 2014

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SOLO Taxonomy: Making Meaning at ICOT13

January 22, 2013

Liz and I will be presenting at The Sixteenth International Conference on Thinking this afternoon. We are talking about how SOLO Taxonomy can be used to deepen understanding when making meaning of ideas and information through reading , listening and viewing. (Secondary English). You might like to see what we will be sharing with conference […]

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Digital funkiness, SOLO Taxonomy and the “next steps” chicken

December 15, 2011

When DK emailed me ahead of the Learning at School 2012 conference he had an offer that captured ALL of my attention. Pam, Hope you are well and smiling? My name is DK and I’m the social media manager for CORE Education Part of my very funky role is to create some funkier digital content […]

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