Swings and Roundabouts and SOLO Taxonomy

by Pam Hook on June 30, 2017

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Hook and Casse have nailed it!

Working with early childhood educators this week reminded me of the great review we got for SOLO Taxonomy in the Early Years -Making connections for belonging, being and becoming.

The book was co-authored with that fabulous early years teacher Bridget Casse

Using SOLO Taxonomy as a model, young learners become active participants in their own learning as they can see a clear, manageable progression of steps they can follow to create new learning. This empowering resource describes practical examples and experiences of educators and learners. It also provides the scaffolding young learners need to self-assess their learning outcomes and make thoughtful decisions about next steps and strategies.

The review was posted in the Early Childhood Council publication”Swings and Roundabouts” June 2014 Issue. It makes a great read.

It was written by highly experienced SOLO practitioner and early childhood educator Shelley Quinlivan – owner, manager and teacher at the Ponsonby Montessori Kindergarten in Auckland.

Enjoy …


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