New Ways of Thinking about the Science Capabilities

by Pam Hook on June 27, 2017

in Science, SOLO Taxonomy

A new book is always a moment of celebration – a marking of a collaboration stuffed with many examples of how to think with the science capabilities in the context of the material world.

Hook, P., and Tolhoek, W. (2017). Using SOLO Taxonomy to Think Like a Scientist. How to develop curious minds with the science capabilities. The Material World . Essential Resources Educational Publishers Limited. New Zealand.

Willem is currently on study leave from Lincoln High School but I was dead chuffed to share his work with members of the LHS science department today. We were looking for different ways in which we could use SOLO to inform students of shifts in their science skill development.  The examples and SOLO templates in the new book created much excitement. Answering the challenge of monitoring the science capabilities – all that “knowing about” declarative knowledge versus “knowing how to” (functioning knowledge) versus “willingness” (attitude) versus “what is done” (behaviour).





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