SOLO Taxonomy in Gladsaxe Kommune in Denmark

by Pam Hook on April 23, 2017

in SOLO Taxonomy

Travel involves a lot of alone time – a lot of waiting in public spaces time – with opportunities to observe and new provocation for thinking. Reflecting on the different places visited makes me realise that I prefer to gaze uninterrupted – on this most recent trip – I did not use a camera – relying instead on memory for the Danish post glacial melt water landscapes, open forests, Viking longboats, bicycling commuters, architecture, castles, farms, fishing villages and rampart and ditch fortifications. 

Apart from a few passport stamps I have no evidence of ever leaving the house.

Luckily I work with others who are more alert to the opportunity for digital capture – collecting travel memories in multiple modalities and sharing them across different social media platforms.

The start of 2017 has been stuffed with travel – working with twenty five plus schools from all over the North and South Island in New Zealand, a week working with with the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Cluster Schools in Melbourne, another week with Curriculum development unit writers, Lecturers at the Teachers Training College and Professional Development Officers in Tonga – and to tie up Term 1 – I have just returned from a week working with teachers in the Gladsaxe Kommune in Copenhagen Denmark.

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