The Olympics and SOLO Taxonomy

by Pam Hook on July 17, 2016

in Science, SOLO Taxonomy

A question from Pete in New Zealand

Hi Pam, Pete here from XXXX School. We are making a start on our plan for next term. We want to look at “success” as a concept and the challenges and opportunities in becoming successful… linking this to the Olympics and integrating the role of science and technology in success. I was wondering if you had time to have a look at what we have done so far and give us any feedback and suggestions. Any thoughts would be great. Pete – Intermediate School Teacher New Zealand.

An answer
Hi Pete, Thanks for your questions and your draft planning. I have used Inspiration Concept Mapping software to develop your ideas – to create a visual plan to encourage both critical and creative thinking about “enhancing performance to achieve success” .

The plan uses the HookED SOLO Strip to prompt for deep thinking across all learning activities. Rectangle represents loose ideas (SOLO multistructural task). Speech bubble represents linked ideas (SOLO relational task). Thought bubble represents extended ideas (SOLO extended abstract).
HookED DescribePP Stickers 3colour_strip_rs

I think it fits well with intended learning in New Zealand Curriculum Level 4 Science – Nature of Science – Participating and contributing. Use their growing science knowledge when considering issues of concern to them. Explore various aspects of an issue and make decisions about possible actions.

It also pulls in ideas from current agricultural practice in ways that ensure that student claims about their uber – Olympic athletes will have some validity.

Let me know what you think.
Using science and technology to enhance performance



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