SOLO Taxonomy: Thoughts on how to implement

by Pam Hook on February 8, 2015

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“There should be one … and preferably only one obvious way to do it” versus “There is always more than one way to do it”.


Over the past 12 years I have seen many different approaches to implementing SOLO as a common language of learning across a school.

Much like teaching and learning the same approach can have different outcomes in different places.

So it is fair to say that I belong to the school that claims – “There is more than one way to successfully implement SOLO as a common language of learning”.

However, all successful approaches seem to involve the following elements in some form or other.

In skilled and active ways teachers and students:

  • know why they are introducing SOLO as a model of learning
  • make SOLO levels visible in all learning areas
  • distinguish between declarative and functioning knowledge
  • align academic verbs used in learning intentions with SOLO levels
  • create a resource of thinking skills and e-learning strategies
  • plan using SOLO learning verbs
  • assess learning outcomes using SOLO
  • measure the effect of implementation on teaching and learning

I offer some loose thoughts on the implementation process in the latest Nick Denton design HookED SOLO Flyer – How to implement SOLO as a common language of learning across a school. Contact me if you would like a copy for your school.

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Lynley Cummack February 9, 2015 at %I:%M %p

You’re a legend – again!! Am working explicitly on this for these for 2 weeks at school with brand new babies in!! – Making scones!! Maybe you’ll get this in time to deliver in person later in the week. Many thanks. As always – love your work. See you soon. Lynley


Rob Christopher February 9, 2015 at %I:%M %p

We are looking to implement the use of solo across a school partnership to support TA and transition data that can be moderated as collaborative work. Thank you. Rob


Lara Taylor February 10, 2015 at %I:%M %p

Hi Pam, can you send us a copy of the SOLO flyer- implementing SOLO as a common language of learning.
Thank you


Sonya Van Schaijik February 19, 2015 at %I:%M %p

Fabulous as always Pam. Totally agree on the skilled and active ways of using SOLOtaxonomy


Ashleigh Lees October 11, 2017 at %I:%M %p

Hi Pam please can you send me a copy of implementing SOLO in the classroom.

Thank you


Chris Hall October 11, 2017 at %I:%M %p

Can you send the flyer please?


Shannan McPeak December 17, 2017 at %I:%M %p

This is gold. Is it available for download or printing anywhere? Can I please get a PDF version? Thank you


Fiona Perry December 18, 2017 at %I:%M %p

Hi Pam can I have a copy of the flyer for implementing SOLO in the classroom. Thank you.


SONIA LAYTON May 6, 2019 at %I:%M %p

Hi Pam,

Can I please have a copy of the flyer. I have misplaced my hard copy but a digital one would be great.



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