The Baker’s Dozen: 13 SOLO Map Postcards

by Pam Hook on July 31, 2014

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“There has always been art in cartography. Maps by definition are utilitarian, of course; they bear implicit promises of routes into and out of the unknown. Yet the language of maps as developed over time is a beautiful one, filled with artistic potential.“ Katharine Harmon “The Map as Art” from Princeton Architectural Press

I am excited to announce the release of “The Baker’s Dozen” – A set of 13 SOLO postcards, each featuring a different representation of a SOLO map.
HookED SOLO Define map postcard
Click here for SOLO Postcard Preview Gallery.

The SOLO Maps and self-assessment rubrics are important strategies in the success of the classroom based approach to SOLO. I made the originals using Microsoft PowerPoint – and although they have been through several iterations over the years (and several different graphics programs) they still retain the clunky slightly out of whack feel of a home-made product.

This explains in part why I was so excited by Harmon’s The Map as Art. The book is remarkable – and has been a catalyst for a HookED art-design project where I commissioned designer Nick Denton to re-imagine the 13 SOLO maps as abstract representations.

It has been such fun watching Nick’s designs develop that I am wondering if this might be the first in a series of HookED SOLO Map explorations into the “elusive intersections between the traditional and the experimental”.

“We’ve always been fascinated by maps — through various elements of design, from typography to colour theory to data visualization, they brilliantly condense and capture complex notions about space, scale, topography, politics and more. But where things get most interesting is that elusive intersection of the traditional and the experimental, where artists explore the map medium as a conceptual tool of abstract representation”. Maria Popova in BrainPickings.

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These are fantastic. I want, I want, I want……..NOW!!!!


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