Creating SOLO Taxonomy symbols in many colours.

by Pam Hook on January 20, 2012

in Resources, SOLO Taxonomy

Create SOLO symbols in hues that match the changing moods of your classroom.

Need kereru bill crimson with a hint of orange to start the morning with verve?  Would something solidly academic – one of those reliable blues – help those literacy outcomes between morning tea and lunch?  What about a murky mangrove swamp brown – for when learning becomes a turgid meander?  Or perhaps a limp chlorophyll green for those soft reflective moments at the end of the day?

Find the answer to all your pigment ponderings – with the HookED SOLO Symbol Generator.

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Dian Donaldson-Roach June 11, 2013 at %I:%M %p

Good resources


Lucia Silva-Clark November 11, 2013 at %I:%M %p

Superb resources, thank you!


susan ibbetson April 22, 2018 at %I:%M %p

When I download from the HookED SOLO Symbol Generator it always comes out with a black background and you can’t see the black lines. What am I doing wrong?!


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